What I Learned in the Past 18 Months

I’m not going to lie – this past year and a half have been ROUGH!  I bet you can say the same thing…but as we are coming out of our cocoons, I can honestly say I have learned a lot. And I bet you have too.  So here goes…

  1. Do the thing!  So many people I know wish they had done “something” prior to 2020.  Whether it’s travel, learning a new hobby, spending time with your family – DO IT!
  2. Stop making excuses.  You want to go to Greece? Start saving NOW! Have you been putting off taking a family portrait – Make an appointment now today. ( I highly recommend Stories Framed Photography) If it’s really something you want to do, work to make it happen.
  3. Do what you love to do!  Get back out in the world and start living – whether it’s seeing friends, exploring new places or eating out at a restaurant.  The world has missed you as much as you have missed it.
  4. Be positive.  This may have been one of the toughest things for me in the last year.  Once I started to focus on the good, my outlook became a lot rosier.
  5. Be kind.  Nobody knows what is truly going on in someone’s home, job or mind.  They may put on a brave face, but be suffering inside. And it makes the world a whole lot better.
  6. Ask for help. You don’t have to do everything by yourself.  Surround yourself with a great tribe.  Once I did this, I became much happier and I found out that they wanted to help.
  7. Be yourself!  Remember watching little kids trying to fit the square peg into the round hole and getting frustrated?  Stop doing that to yourself. Embrace your quirks.
  8. Dream BIG! We were all stuck inside for what seemed like forever and a day – at least to me it did.  I dreamt of my next vacation – I know what a surprise?  But you know what?  I’m going to make it happen somehow – Safari anyone?

So what did you learn in the last 18 months?  How have you changed?  I want to hear your story!


Sara is the owner of Platinum Travel.  She customizes seamless, stress free vacations for people who want to see the world and all things Disney.

She also owns Autism Friendly Vacations where she helps families who have a member on the Autism spectrum get the vacation they deserve. Visit AutismVacation.com for more information.

You can reach her at 414-377-8611 or Sara@PlatinumTravelWI.com to start planning your vacation today,

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