How to Surprise Someone With a Vacation and Make it Special

You’ve decided to surprise your loved ones with a vacation they will never forget. Now comes the fun part – sharing the exciting news! You want to make the moment special and get them as excited as you are. Here are some ways to make your announcement an experience of its own.

Give a travel-related gift. Taking the family to Hawaii? Wrap up a palm tree, flip flops and a coconut. Then have a contest to see who can guess the destination first. Just don’t make it too easy!

Have a themed meal. Nothing says we’re heading to Mexico, like a taco buffet complete with nachos, salsa, and guacamole…and of course, Margaritas for the adults. You can even include a Piñata if you’re feeling adventurous.

Create a scavenger hunt. Leave clues throughout the house that lead to plane tickets, the vacation description, or a suitcase. Taking someone special to New York? Use a big apple, the Statue of Liberty, and tickets to a Broadway show.The sky’s the limit!
Give them a travel guide. In the guide, mark the places you will be visiting so they can check them out ahead of time. This way they get a chance to learn about where they are going.
Create a poem or short story. I created a poem about golfing on the Old Course at St Andrew’s in Scotland and tied it to a new club for a client whose wife had given him the trip for his birthday. He was blown away.
Write an invitation. Mickey Mouse “personally” invited my sons to Disney World one year because they had done so well in school. They were so excited to get a letter from him.
Purchase a surprise package. Not crafty? There are many creative announcements and packages on sites such as Etsy that can be personalized for you and are fairly inexpensive to create some great memories.
The possibilities are endless. I have helped many clients with their big reveal and it is one of my favorite things to do. What trip reveal do you have in mind that I can help you with?

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