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Europe has some of the most incredible history, culture, and food in the entire world. They have a little bit of everything for anyone who wants to venture over there. With plenty of countries to visit, we can help you find the perfect destination for your European getaway! ​​

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​​9 of the Best Places to Retire in Europe

Via Travel and Leisure

In recent years, more seniors have been considering retirement ab​​road, and quite a few have actually made the move. In fact, the Social Security Administration lists more than 700,000 Americans receiving their monthly payments in various foreign countries. Retirees cite a number of reasons for spending their leisure years overseas.

6 Great Vacation spots in in Europe for Families

Via USA Today

Planning a European getaway doesn’t have to mean leaving the kids at home with Grandma. In fact, Europe has a slew of places to visit that are just as fun for kids (and kids-at-heart) as they are for bona fide grown-ups.



My Top 5 European Cities

luxury Europe

1. Florence

This easy to walk destination makes it very charming to its travelers. With history every couple of steps you will be able to see the Medici palaces, Renaissance churches, and bridges arching of the Arno. Not to mention all the incredible art! This historical and romantic city is at the top of our list! ​​​​

2. Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, has been a cultural and intellectual hub that has been kept under wraps to the public. This up and coming tourist destination is high on our list. It is mix of traditional and modern and people are loving it. ​​​​

3. Barcelona

This location is a must-do on everyone’s list. This city attracts anyone and everyone for its fun culture and amazing food. They have copies amounts of shopping, dining, nightlife, and more! This is definitely a location to put on the top of your bucket list for a trip you won’t ever forget.​​​​

4. Paris

Paris, the city of lights, and as many people know also the city of love. This romantic city is also on many peoples bucket lists, and for good reason. This city has everything you could ever want; Romance, delicious food, history, and wine. This city is truly captivating. ​​​​

5. Lisbon

Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe. This is the perfect location for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure. This city is very diverse and has plenty of this to do and see. ​​​​

Europe Featured Topic: Theme Parks!

If you’re taking a trip to Europe with kids, don’t just drag them around to the major cities. Mix things up and make a stop at one of the continent’s favorite theme parks. They will be so happy you did, and you will too! These theme parks are fun from ages 1 to 100!
Tivoli Gardens — Copenhagen, Denmark

​Located in the center of Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is a family-friendly attraction with rides and historic gardens. It has become  a historical part of Danish culture. (In fact, it’s rumored to have been the park that inspired Walt Disney to make his own wonderland.)

Europa-Park — Rust, Germany

​It’s the largest theme park in Germany with 15 Europe-themed areas, including Portugal, Scandinavia and, of course, Germany. It’s got 13 roller-coasters and a water park, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied all throughout your visit. It is definitely an attraction you will have to stop at!

Disneyland Paris — Marne-la-Vallee, France

This is the most popular theme park in Europe, attracting almost 15 million visitors every year. People come for the chance to see “Ratatouille” on its home turf or visit the famous Sleeping Beauty castle. For those Disney fanatics this will be a must-do when visiting France!

Europe has a special place in my heart and I am always delighted to share it with you. The continent is filled with diverse countries, cultures, cuisines, history and languages making a trip to Europe educational, inspiring and just plain fun! When you are ready to explore Europe, I am hear to help you plan a customized tour to fit your needs for the perfect vacation!

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