Bringing Everyone – How to do Multigenerational Vacations Right!

There’s so much to lo​​ve about multigenerational travel with your extended family. It’s a time when grandparents and grandkids can bond, parents can get the occasional break, and everyone can explore the world together on a family vacation they’ll never forget.

Some of my sons’ favorite vacations have been with their Grandma, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.

Why Multigenerational Vacations are Important

Create Lasting Memories

Instead of giving them another toy, give them the gift of precious time spent together. Traveling to another city or country, as well as learning and exploring your own backyard, creates lasting memories. Give the gift that means the most in a new and exciting environment!

Bond With Your Family

Multigenerational vacations bring family members together and create strong and lasting memories for all involved. This includes young, old, and everyone in between. Family travel allows everyone to escape the stress of being the host and focuses on quality time together as a family.

Discover Unique Cultures Together

Taking your grandchild on an adventure can allow them to experience and learn about unique cultures and histories. Imagine vacationing with your grandchildren to the places you used to love as a child, or discovering someplace new together? Either way, you will both love spending time making new memories together.

My Tips for a Great Family Vacation

Set Expectations Ahead of Time

It’s okay that you have different interests. Make sure there’s room for smaller groups of people to break off and do the things that interest them and pick a few things for everyone to do together. We like to have dinner together every night.

Enjoy a Slower Pace

Some members of your family may need time to recharge their “batteries”. Use this time for spontaneous connections that come out of being relaxed, on vacation, and with the people you love.

Choose a Trip the Entire Family Will Love

Some family-friendly destinations are custom-made for multigenerational travel. Theme parks such as Walt Disney World. Family-friendly cruise ship and all-inclusive family resorts are also great options

Use a Travel Agent

Sometimes getting a family to agree is like herding cats.  This is where I come in! I can help you find the perfect vacation for the entire family.  Plus – I take care of all the details for you so everyone can have a stress free enjoyable family vacation.

My Recommendations for a Multigenerational Vacation

Picking the right destination is essential for a fun multigenerational family vacation. You want to choose somewhere that everyone can be together and have their individual time.  With these recommendations, families have many options to be together and explore on their own. 

There is literally something for everyone!

Theme Park

Theme parks are not all about thrill rides any more.  They can provide something for everyone – old and young and can create great family memories like meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time or exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter after having watched the movies together.

Family Cruise

With so much to see and do on and off a ship, a cruise is a perfect multi-generational family vacation.  Everyone can pick their own excursions to do during the day and come together for dinner and share their experiences.  And there are kids and teen clubs onboard so the adults can get together for some fun as well.

All-Inclusive Resort

All-inclusive resorts are perfect for multigenerational families because they include all your food, drinks and fun for a single rate. I think the best part is that you have to worry about planning anything once you get there except if you are going to the beach or the pool and what you want to eat next.  They also have kids and teen clubs and daily activities for everyone.

Traveling brings people together with enriching, shared experiences and the best travel memories are made when surrounded by friends and family. All that’s left to do is find the perfect adventure suitable for everyone. Multigenerational travel planning doesn’t have to be challenging. 

Platinum Travel is here for you every step of the way.

Sara is the owner of Platinum Travel and specializes in creating luxury, customized, stress free vacations for people who want to see the world and all things Disney.
She also owns Autism Friendly Vacations where she helps families who have a member on the Autism spectrum get the vacation they deserve. Visit for more information.
You can reach her at 414-377-8611 or to start planning your vacation today.

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